Village of Fiscardo, Kefalonia

Found about 50 kilometers north of Kefalonia’s capital, Argostoli, is the village of Fiscardo. This is a quaint and beautiful village which centers around its waterfront, welcoming plenty of fishing boats and yachts for anchoring. Fiscardo is a lovely village to visit when you want to sit and enjoy a coffee or meal, as the view of Ithaca island is special. Fiscardo village is known for being one of the few villages which stayed untouched after Greece’s major earthquake in 1953. Although it is a traditional preserved settlement, its modern feel is warm and even quite pos

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You will find plenty of tourist company when you visit Fiscardo, but its natural beauty is not disturbed. On the village’s main road, there are plenty of shops, bars, and taverns to visit and enjoy during the high summer season. The village is built with a mix of Venetian and traditional houses with gorgeous colors. The village’s architecture creates a special feeling and reflects the island’s rich cultural heritage. Fiscardo hosts thousands of visitors each year, all eager to take in just a bit of its natural beauty. You will find many sweet, pebbly beaches near the village, in addition to coves with still crystal waters to swim in. There are also many other sites to visit during your time in Fiscardo, such as a collection of Byzantine churches and a Palaeolithic settlement. You can even take a walk just above the waterfront to visit the Natural and Environmental Museum.

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