The Upbeat Villages of Skiathos Greece

The main port of the Skiathos (Σκιάθος in Greek) is in Skiathos Town, which is also its single true town. The other villages of Skiathos Greece are mainly touristic, dotted with hotels and organized beaches. If you take a boat tour of the island, which is highly recommended, you will leave from Skiathos Town.

villages of Skiathos Greece

Some History of Skiathos Island

Skiathos Town, the island’s capital, is on the southeastern tip of the island, and lies in a bay like a valley, free of wind, and filled with narrow streets that are lined with simple white houses topped with slanted roofs. The town remained the same from the classical period up until the Byzantine era, when the locals shifted to Kastro for safety. In 1829, they abandoned their post at Kastro and returned to Skiathos Town.

Despite being destroyed by the Germans during World War II, Skiathos Town was rebuilt and proceeded to flourish, with the majority of the Skiathos population living there today.

The Modern Villages of Skiathos Greece

The village today is hip and energetic, filled with bars, restaurants of both Greek and international cuisine, shops, cafes, tourist offices, and clubs open for partying all night long, with music for everyone.

Skiathos Island Villages

The main street, Papadiamanti, is where you’ll find most of the entertainment concentrated, as well as on the seafront. Due to the high influx of tourists, the quality of the food in tavernas is subpar, and everything is rather expensive.

Food options range from snack bars to fancy Italian and Greek restaurants, one of which is located in a windmill on the highest hill of the town, for beautiful views.

The main port of the island is separated from the older port by the small peninsula, Bourtzi, which is covered in pine trees.

villages of Skiathos Greece


In Bourtzi, you will find the remnants of the old castle built during the Venetian period, by the Gizi brothers. While you will be caught in a flock of tourists in the old port, it is charming and quaint and makes a lovely walk for picture-taking.